Waiting Rooms


Four years ago, nearly to the day, my wife and I held a very unhappy baby through one of his first surgery post-op checks ups. He was three months old and two surgeries in to his series of many to come. We were brand new parents  terrified of what was happening and I kept calling the doctor an optometrist. I now can say the proper word; ophthalmologist. 

Those check ups four years ago made the baby nervous, he could sense weird things were going to happen and when his eye lids had to be pried open his concerns were realized. He became a bit suspicious of long car rides I think.

Four years later and it is a world of difference.  No longer am I allowed to hold him during the check. He gives me the ol’ “I can do it myself!” grumpy speech and sits patiently during his eye checks and glaucoma pressure test. He answers questions he knows how to answer and says ‘thanks’ to all the nurses and aides that come to help out. 

He’s bored by the process now. Four years ago he fed off the nervous energy of his mom and me. Even a year ago he was not so helpful and did not like going to the doctor- probably because visits meant he was going to have his eye cut open. Gross. 

While we waited for the doctor today he asked for his Leap Pad. He played games and sang along with the Octonauts’ creature report. He was trying to find some exciting to do with his time. The doctor visits are so routine now they do not even interest him anymore. 

Four years. It took four years to be bored by the marvel that is the experience of keeping his vision. Kids are weird. 

On the plus side his eyes are doing wonderfully well and all these surgeries are yielding positive results. I’m not bored by it yet. Still quite nervous all the time actually. 


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