This Absent Minded Dad Thought He Ruined Dinner. The Reason Why Will In All Likelihood Bore You Silly.

Pesto is the besto. 

Oh golly, that is how this how this one starts? Yikes. 

I put all the ingredients together; basil, olive oil, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomato, the works. Dashed a little sea salt on there, some smoked pepper. I was quite happy with the mix. 

Put the lid on the food processor, hit go and… Nothing. Nothing happened. The machine clicked at me. Taunted me. Like it was saying, “what do you want me do about it?”

“What the what?” I whispered back at it, despite being alone in the house.

Surely I was pressing the button incorrectly so I pushed it five or six more times expecting new results. Click, click, click and so forth. 

Check out the center of the photo above. That little post feels quite naked. 

I forgot to put the blade in. I was happy my wife was not around to see it. Hopefully she doesn’t actually read this. 

Of course I have also put many a cookie sheet into a cold oven only to realize ten minutes later as the timer sounds off. 

I shouldn’t cook. Or I shouldn’t cook when the kids are around. That would shatter their image of my abilities. Like a Mr. Magoo of the kitchen I am, fumbling through most things. I am happy to wait until they are teenagers before they think I am little more than a bumbling fool. 


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