Will Power and the Lack Thereof

This game I tell ya’….*shakes fist*


I am very happily writing away.  Stories are coming together and I am having soooo much fun writing this steampunk revolution tale, the Fletcher Family Problem and….other stuff.

But you know what happens sometimes when there’s lots to do?  A neat looking physics game comes to the app store and ALL IS LOST! Caps locks necessary.

I like to think I have some will power.  The ability to control myself and just let the unsolvable puzzle be.  But what’s the harm in one more round?

Go play ‘In the Circle’ and tell me how many times you say “just one more round”.  I got up to a score of 107 after “one more round” became a ten minute binge during lunch.  I was pretty pleased, but still hungry.

I reclaimed the day though and deleted the game.  For the second time…

Back to writing now.

“Buy you’re writing right now!” you say.

“Only to procrastinate!” I reply, shouting for some reason.

But, seriously, In the Circle is quite fun.  I don’t know if it has an Android version, but the iPhone one is going to ruin your productivity in the best possible way.



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