Playtime and Return of Spring

Sun returned today and that meant plenty of post school outdoor fun. No where is the difference that can exist between two kids more evident than the outdoors. My first born screamed when he first touched grass. The baby is already crawling through it. And after a week straight of rain, he is crawling through some tall grass. 

With the baby being quite mobile and the first born being afraid of ever stopping, out door activity for is mostly just helping the baby get near his brother quicker. Because if the older brother is doing down thing, by golly does the baby want to be in on that. 

The first born thinks the only way to enter his playhouse is by climbing the slide. There’s a perfectly good, and not flimsy, ramp just two feet away, but if there is no chance of falling over why do anything?

He is teaching this lesson to his little brother in a big way. The baby sat in the grass to watch his brother climb the slide. He watches every step, took note of how to grab the side walls and learned it all. So he gave it a shot too. He climbed onto the slide, I let him get that far before panicking. He even tried to pedal his way up, but grass stained socks are not known for their traction. I picked him up and faked a climb up for him. Smiles abound whenever he gets to do something his brother did too. 

The playhouse has fallen into disrepair according to the first born. So we needed to grab tools and fix it up. He has had a set of plastic Black and Decker tools for most of his life now and if the situation presents itself, he will hammer and saw away any problem. Problems like “a bug sat here, better fix it” and “oh no! The tree has spiders!” Are quite common and can only be resolved with a plastic hack saw. Those poor spiders. 

Today’s ‘fix’ actually had some truth to it. The house is in desperate need of sealing, maybe some paint too, but…meh. He pulled out a plastic planer to get a layer off for us. Pretty astute. He even drilled a hole in a post for reasons. 

As soon as the baby saw those tools though, he needed in on that action. 


I am not known for my laid back approach to parenthood.  The playhouse is a panic attack for me. We built it when the firstborn had gained control of his steps and sized it so there was little danger to him. The thing was born in a world that existed long before discussions of “do we want a second kid” we’re ever held. There are levels, there are no steps and there are no guard rails. This play place is not for babies. 

But wherever older brother is, baby must be.

I picked up the kid, gave him a plastic wrench and ducked out of the way of the flaling arms trying to fix problems just like the oldest child. Of course snapping a photo of the chaos, but the phone was more of a shield than anything at that point. 

Spring returned today. It was awesome. 


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