An Adventure in Pop Culture Parenting

This is a remembrance of that time Mystery Inc used lightsabers to stop weeping angels. This afternoon as my wife and the baby napped (really, is there a better way to spend a day?) my firstborn and I got to play.  He pulled out lightsabers and we ventured to the basement.  I was ill prepared for what was to come next.

As a purveyor of “geek”, watching my son, in his Spider-Man shirt holding a plastic replica of Yoda’s lightsaber, come to a darkened stairwell and say “Dad, there might be statues down there.  I need a flashlight” is pretty much a crowning achievement in parenting.  He grabbed a flashlight, illuminated the stairwell and said, “Oh, nope, it was just the stairs! Silly Shaggy!”

The first rule of parenting (or is it improv?) is to say yes when possible.  I had to run with it.

“Like, Fred,” I said in my best Matthew Lillard as Shaggy impression, “what a relief.”

“We should investigate still, Shaggy.  Get Scooby,” he commanded.

Game on.

We wandered a dark basement with a dimming flashlight and the glow of lightsabers to light our path.  He guided us around corners, making hissing sounds to let me know Weeping Angels were near at all times, but in true Scooby Doo fashion whenever we found an Angel it was just an ironing board or something nonthreatening.

The game went on in this manner for nearly an hour.  He was wrapped up in the story he was making for us and having so much fun combining the elements of some of his favorite characters.  We ran around making silly voices and using lightsabers to destroy Weeping Angels for goodness sake, this is fun for all ages.

It was neat to see what he could create for himself, what he wanted to be immersed in.  I remember my wife and I talking about whether or not he should see a Weeping Angel episode of Doctor Who, fearing it may too scary.  Turns out the answer was yes.  The monsters he most wants to destroy are Weeping Angels now.  They are play monsters though, he recognizes they are fictional.  Or at least he has the confidence to defeat them using Yoda’s saber.

It was another very good reminder that, even if he appears to not be listening, he does not stop soaking things in.  He wove together Star Wars and Scooby Doo with ease and then mixed the TARDIS all together without a second thought.  It was amazing to see and to be part of the play with him was unbeatable.

Still, and I am not happy to write this, probably time to push more Octonauts and less Doctor Who.


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