People on the Highway

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Rainy drive this morning.  It is becoming a tradition of late.  It was a drive of water streaked windows, headlights in the eyes, and slow progress.  On the plus side, everyone was in the same predicament and drove very politely.  It a splendid morning jaunt.

There was one oddity in my half hour on the road.  One driver that left me scratching my head…

That line will make sense soon enough.  I laughed writing it, but you don’t know yet what it means so the joke is…you know what?  Let’s get into this thing.

Today’s tale: The Prank

Rain drops cover my windshield for two seconds at a time.  The windshield wiper sweeps away a layer, only to be replaced.  It’s a fun rhythm.  I’m bobbing my head, making a song, listening to the kids in the back seat laugh at the thought of a ninja eating a sandwich.  I do not remember the words.

Ahead of us is a Prius with a trunk.  I have not seen too many of these, so it took me a bit to recognize the car type.  It is a green-ish color.  I’m not quite sure what to call it.  Sea foam?  It has a bride’s maid dress color quality to it.  Everything about this car is blowing my mind.

The driver is the real enigma.  All I see is tall hair being plucked at by the driver’s right arm.  The driver is leaning toward the passenger seat, right arm in the air with fingers just running through the mountain of hair atop this person’s head.

The driver, sitting a sea-foam green Prius with a trunk and plucking away at their hair, is in a rush.  The car is bouncing between the white lines delineated lanes and continuously changing the space between the Prius and a massive Peterbilt in front of it.

The driver’s alarm went off at 5:45 this morning, just as it does every morning.  The driver went through their usual routine, get up, brush teeth, grab some coffee and breakfast, dress for work and head out the door.  It is a routine most familiar.  They picked out a business casual outfit for this rainy Wednesday that would most certainly see few if any clients enter the drafting firm’s building.  It was going to be a laid back day.  Until the phone rang.

Most people would ignore an unknown caller, but at 6:30 in the morning, coffee not yet working its wonders on the body and the oatmeal still boiling on the stove, it is instinct to just answer the phone.  So the driver slid the answer button on her iPhone 5 and, groggy, said, “hello?”

“Good, it’s you,” the voice on the other end said.  The voice was panicked and out of breath.

“Who is this?’ The driver rightly asked.

“There’s no time for that.  Listen, get to your office as soon as you can.  They are coming for it!  They are coming for the package! It is on you.  Get it to the office and my cohorts will retrieve it, you will be safe.  Protect the hair!”


The driver was confused.  Cautious by nature, the driver did not want to mess around with the strange and hurried voice’s plea to get to work.  The driver put on shoes, removed the oatmeal from the stove and ran to the odd Prius.

The drive was unfocused.

“Protect the hair?” The driver questioned more than once.  “What does that mean?”

The driver spent most of the drive leaning to the passenger side, running fingers through the hair that was in need of protection.  The driver had seen their fair share of spy movies so was expecting a hidden flash drive or microSD to be somewhere in their luscious locks.  A thousand scenarios have run through the driver’s mind as they swerve within the lane.

When the driver gets to work, every bad heist film and spy movie plot has already been played out.  The driver is convinced they are going to be nabbed by some masked bandits at any moment, and the government does not pay ransoms.  The building is dark, ominous is every sense of the word.  The driver runs faster than ever before to get inside the darkened office complex.

The driver gets inside, slamming the door closed and seeks shelter, nearly in tears.

That is when the lights come on.  And the crowd assembled in the lobby shouts “surprise!” and “happy work-aversary!”   The driver is introduced to the owner of the strange voice by her boss, still sitting in the fetal position and near tears on the ground.

The driver will be on Career Builder most of the day.


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