On 30

Today I turn 30 years old.  It is pretty neat.  I feel a bit older, a bit wiser.  Starting today, should I ever suddenly disappear the media goes from saying “A young father of two has gone missing” to “a father of two young boys has gone missing” so in terms of linguistics today is a big day.

I’m not sure if the occasion calls for marking the end of my twenties, which were pretty dang awesome, or considering the future.  So, hey, why not both?

The end of the first decade of adulthood is here.  I mean, sure, we’re “adults” at 18, but do you remember being 18?  That feeling of invincibility combined with the power to vote and no working knowledge of the real world?  Bleh. Adulthood does not begin at 18.

My twenties began with college and cancer and ended with kids and careers.  Lifetimes pass in the span of a decade.

College graduation, first real job, marrying my amazing wife, traveling, more college, career transition, kid, kid’s health problems, career development, another kid, and a couple of books rounded out the experience of the twenties.  10 years representing one third of my life, jam packed with fun, friends, family and food and it was awesome.

Moving out of the twenties is pretty neat though.  There are the practical aspects of leaving the twenties.  Gone are my days of double cheeseburgers and loaded chili fries.  Enter the days of, well, never having been thirty before, I honestly have no idea what to expect.

Here’s what I hope the next ten years brings though.  Helping with homework, school band concerts, parent teacher conferences, having more books to my name, it would be amazing to lose the day job by 40.  With that goal at least I have ten years to learn to write.  Less time to learn how to do this whole ‘new math’ thing.  Have you seen this stuff?  It is crazy.  There.  Now I feel like an old guy; complaining that “this is not how we did it in my day!  After walking in the snow up hill and whatnot.”

I’ll let you all get back to your Sunday.  Thanks for reading all this stuff.

One last bit though, as a big thanks to everyone for reading my rants and ravings the book version of People on the Highway will be a free download from May 4 to May 8, so set a reminder and bookmark this page: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VUE2OQS for your free copy of the book.  And if you subscribe to the blog, there will be more reminders through the week too.  Honest reviews make pretty cool birthday gifts….

Thanks for reading.  Happy weekend!


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