Steampunk Weekend DIY

This week’s list of projects is in keeping with the theme of my new card game, Society of Cryptid Hunters (click to download the free demo!).  So let’s have some fun with a bunch of cryptozoology crafts!

There will be tin dioramas, a sharktopus, a really zany box that leaves me with more questions than answers, and apothecary jars.  All the stuff one needs to find a bigfoot or that chupacabra that won’t leave your goats alone.

Think of the goats.


Turn Pill Bottles into Apothecary Jars
I spend far too much time on the internet and have seen many, many apothecary jar projects.  This is the coolest I have ever seen.  Seriously, quite awesome.  Click the picture for the guide.

For the knitters out there; be awesome.  Have this chase down a knitted Nautilus and it is knitted steampunk heaven.

A Box for Spells…and opium?
The syringes can be skipped, but the map the spell cards, the jars, the little chain to hold it up; this is is crazy neat.  It would certainly help in the hunt Sasquatch.  And the opiates could assist in subduing the beast too.


Make A Nessie Hiding Place

Adorable kid friendly project? Yes please.

Happy weekend everybody!


I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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