Baby Time

Most Friday nights we pack up the kiddos and head to my in-laws for an extended family dinner. My mother in law cooks, my wife hangs out wth her and I get some time with the boys. For me it is a nice break from cooking in a rush and a very welcome couple of hours of just playing.

Tonight worked out a but differently. My father in law had the four year old on a quick road trip to a friend’s house.  My wife had plenty of stories she wanted to share with her mom so the two of them were busy making taco stuffs in the kitchen.  So I had a good hour with the baby.  It was delightful.

There’s a small soccer ball at the in-law’s place that has proven itself to be the most valuable purchase ever made.  The baby picks it up, holds it to his head and lobs it away.  He chases it down and repeats.  And he giggles the whole time, so pleased with himself.  I did not need to be there, of course, he was just fine all on his own.  He would occasionally look to me and smile, little dimple on the right side of his face beaming.  He now has two and a half teeth, so his smile is getting fuller and fuller.

It had been a long time since I sat on the floor and played with just the baby.  The lack of a four year old wanting to sword fight was difficult to adjust to at first.  I think the baby noticed the missing element to our play so he took on the task of trying to gouge out my eyes a couple of times.  Giggling the whole time, so it was completely worthwhile.

Eventually the four year old arrived and we returned to normalcy.  It was so very nice to get some one and one time while the sun was up and the baby was alert.  We do not get that too often, but by golly will it happen again soon.


One thought on “Baby Time

  1. The bonding time with the babies is priceless. Sometimes it feels like the stars have to align just right though. I always look forward to the shopping trips Mom takes on her own so we can hang out. Thanks for the post. Maybe check out my blog and see what you think. We have a little in common. I hope you take a minute to go through some of my posts. If you like them hit the star. Leave me a comment if you like. Thanks again

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