A Sock in the Dishwasher

I’ve been tired of late.  Eyes are purple, yawning a lot…I imagine you know what tired is like though…

So emptying the day’s batch of dishes from the dishwasher gave me a bit of a “huh” moment.  I questioned myself, retraced my steps and was still quite confounded.  There was a sock in the dishwasher.

Now I thought for a moment that perhaps my ever curious four year old placed it there to see what would happen.  Perhaps the two foot tall crawling mass of destruction that is the 9 month old once possessed the sock and was able to throw it in the machine somehow.  Maybe my wife was testing my observation skills?  None of those options really made sense.  But then again, neither does a sock in the dishwasher.

A mystery is afoot!

The first problem is of course solving how a single loose sock made its way into the kitchen.  That one had to be the baby.  That kid will chew anything and is basically a sock magnet.  I am fairly certain he has some orbiting him, like a sock moon.  Problem one solved.

Second problem, what the hey man?  How does it escape the tiny grasp of the baby’s fist and small teeth and trip its way into the dishwasher?  This is where I suspect my fatigue played a roll.  Perhaps in collecting plates and forks, I was over zealous and uncaring, grabbed the sock and tossed it in.  Maybe? I mean, it sounds plausible.  I would suspect the four year old, but that assumption runs on the premise he knows how to pick up clothes.  He does not.  Not without a bribe anyway.

So the conspiracy of the sock is not quite as dramatic as I would have enjoyed.  Maybe the sock was heading to that place where washing machine socks disappear to.  Less plausible.

It is one clean sock though.

Time for coffee.



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