Steampunk Weekend DIY

You know what’s cool? The stuff in this week’s Steampunk Weekend DIY post.  Which is this post…

There are some weeks I scour the internet and go “eh, that’s neat” and call it a day.  Then there are weeks, like this one, where I want to make absolutely everything right away.  There’s a yarn spinner in this week’s post.  I have no idea how to…yarn? But by golly I want this in my home.

Knit! Yarn is used for knitting.

What else is there? How about a glowing table, an hour glass, a spell book with an eye and one special (though not Steampunk) project that is near and dear to my heart.

On the projects!

Hour Glass
So much cooler than an Apple Watch

Live Life Like Rumpleskillkin….Crumblekrillsden? Rublestillstin? Rumpelstiltskin!
That fairy tale is like the Cumberbatch of difficult to spell characters.  Here’s a yarn spinner from PVC, paint and a bike wheel.  Ingenious and I am sure very practical if the need were there.

Glowing Table!
Click the picture, go to the site and watch the project come together.  Soon you shall have a table of your own that pulses with the energy of the aether.

Picture of Glow table

Spell Book
And inside is an apothecary’s cabinet!

One final project link because it is just crazy awesome.

Some lead up though.

Cyclops is the best X-Man.

There is no question of that.

Storm is a close second.

But Cyclops will always be the greatest.

Undeniable fact.

Make a Cyclops Visor!

The finished product

I was worried about what to go as for Comic-Con too.

Happy weekend everybody!


Comments welcome!

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