Happy Birthday to My Brother

My brother does not particularly enjoy the attention brought upon him the annual observance of his birth.  As his older brother, it is my duty to torment him well into our adult lives.  Knowing that he will read this and squirm and he’ll turn off facebook for an evening as the post makes it way through the family’s feed is wholly self-serving on my part.  However, I need all the readers of this blog and all those that might stumble upon it to know that I am incredibly proud to call him brother.

My brother has known who he is for a very long time.  At 17 he decided to join the Air Force and worked his tail off to be ready for boot camp.  At 17 I was frying chicken for minimum wage and meeting friends at coffee shops after work, generally being a kid.  He was charting his future in a manner so nonchalant you’d think he was simply going to Dairy Queen for a cookie dough Blizzard.  It was just what he was going to do and that was that.

He is far more than a job though.  He introduced me to comic books, steampunk, some really awful music and is one of the most inquisitive people I know.  He likes to see, hear and read anything that may help him deliver a one liner that will simply crush a room in laughter.

He’s one of maybe three people I trust to be alone with my sons.  There’s a gentleness within him, a calmness of spirit that my boys flock to and I know that he has the ability to keep them safe, happy and contained when I am not around.  He is patient beyond measure and never condescends to them.  I wish I were building him up or seeing these traits in him simply because he’s my brother, but under any analysis he will prove to be a man of integrity and peacefulness.

He is routinely my sounding board for projects, be they stories or games or music alike.  I trust in his creativity because it is so unique.

He is a really impressive person and on this his birthday I want to let him know that I’m proud to call him brother, and thankful for his never ending awesome-uncle-ness.  That’s a word now.

Happy Birthday, Little Brother.
May there be cake.


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