Early to Bed


I’m rocking a sick baby to sleep. Well, to keep him asleep. Ear infection, vaccinations, fever, chills and teething all in one day have created a cranky monster. He’s miserable. Little whimpers come from his tiny mouth and there’s nothing that can help. 

We bounce and pace, but I keep chuckling and disturbing him. On top of everything, he is very gassy. 

Light creeps through the monster curtains of his room at grandma’s house. This kid needs it dark to sleep so I have him facing away from the window. I’m one thumb typing on a dark screen to keep myself awake, moving. Long tiring day means early to bed for me too.   Likely sleeping with a baby on my chest in an arm chair in a darkened nursery. 

Parenting has a unique set of challenges. The baby will be fine by morning and with his youthful energy will be crawling around chewing things at top speeds. It’ll be Saturday before I recover from a sleepless night. 

To youth! Spoiled on the young. And to modern medical science for quickly killing infections. Huzzah!


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