Steampunk Weekend DIY

After being just laid flat by a migraine/flu thing yesterday I am very happy to be able to look at a computer screen again.  Bright lights plus migraine equals bad, bad day.  Even better than being functional again though, it’s Friday! Fridays are awesome.  It is raining like mad here and I think that is to continue through the weekend.  This week’s collection of Steampunk DIY goodness are all indoor projects.

Make a Robot!
Robots! Robots everywhere! These automatons are wildly cute and easy to make.  Click the picture to head to the website.


Prepare for Adventure!
Keep your treasure maps safe in this Map Case by DeviantArt user Pointy-Eared-Fiend.  Parts list is included so with a little attention to the picture you too can have a green glowy case all your own.

Steampunk Map Case by Pointy-Eared-Fiend

Sea Mine Fireplace
This one is not so much a DIY as it is a “this exists.”  Now, if you have access to a deactivated and will never activate again sea mine then by all means this is a DIY dream.  For those without access to such sea mines, the only question now is, “how do I get this in my home?”  Click the picture for plenty more examples of sea mine as art.

sea mines repurposed into furniture by mati karmin (1)

Happy weekend everybody!


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