The Baker’s Mark

The firstborn loves bread dough. Hates the baked variety, but the dough form is the bees-knees. Whenever we make a loaf we have to set aside a small amount of dough to just gnaw on for a little while.  Bread dough is thankfully quite unlike cookie dough, so the raw stuff won’t entirely mess the kid up (unless it’s an egg dough, but that’s just another thing entirely).

Just before we set the loaf above to rise he grabs a glob of dough from the center, eats it, hops off his kitchen stool and skips away.  On the counter sits a soon to rise bit of bread dough with little finger marks in it.  In the living room a four year old sings a song about spider and finishes chomping on bread dough.

I’ve seen some strange stuff from this kid before, but this…oh instant regret here…takes the cake.

Quirks are very interesting.  When the kids learn a new habit I am always curious where they pick it up.  I eat as I cook, for no other reason than food is good.  So he watches me eat and cook, which likely started the idea.  So he learned the habit and made it his own.  He made it his own in a very specific way, but it’s now part of his personality.

It is a reminder that we, his parents, are being watched.  He’s learning from us, he’s developing himself based on what he sees and hears.  Even when we’re doing something as trivial as combining flour and water he’s taking it all in.  And what he does is being watched the baby with such intensity it is a bit unnerving.

All of our bread has claw marks in it now as a result of one particularly awesome personality development.  More will arrive.  Hopefully those traits will be related to knife skills or cleaning dishes as they appear.  For now, he has one pretty cool baker’s mark.


Call me Wolverine!



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