Rainy Days

We hang our rain chain upside down. It has metal flower blooms running up and down the length of the chain with the intent that as one bloom fills up, water spills over the top and continues downward until the water is gently dropped on the ground.

It would be nice anywhere other than our backyard.

We have West Nile carrying mosquitoes that just love them some standing water.  So the chain is upside down. My wife and I discussed changing it out for an actual chain or ditching the idea entirely, but leaving it is much more amusing.

In the midst of a rain storm there’s an odd calm. Rain falls steadily, predictably. We watch  sidewalks turn grey from water and think about making a cup of tea and finding a book. It is a peaceful moment that always brings one a bit closer to nature.

But then there’s the rain chain. Water funnels down from the roof, hits the flower bloom and chaos ensues. The juxtaposition is hilarious.

Jokes and stories, far more than paint and furniture, turned our house into a home. Even before kids were considered, we set out to make the house a place people could laugh and have a good time.  Never mind that we never had enough chairs and the house smelled musty for years. Our house was going to be a regular clown college.  Or some other analogy that actually makes sense.

We have just a couple of rules at home. Rule one has always been no Bon Jovi, for obvious reasons. Rule two varies, but the general wording is laugh.  Having visual gags throughout the house helps on those days when work sucks, the baby’s teeth hurt and the firstborn is in full on four year old mode.

There’s a tie fighter in our back yard made of little pavers. Eye patches hidden throughout the house. Jawas stationed in gardens.  Make the space entertaining to make it your own.  So long as you’re laughing, life is good.  If there is only one thing I want my boys to learn, it is that above all else there has to be laughter.  Times will be hard, situations difficult and stress will certainly take up more than its fair share of thoughts.

On rainy days though, we can look out the window and laugh and something absurd and silly and remember that home and family will always make things ok.

every yard needs an abstract tie fighter



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