Steampunk Weekend DIY

First weekend of April is here and it arrived in a wave of cold and snow.  On the drive to day-care this morning, the mountains were covered in snow and I was reminded of just how amazing Colorado is during the winter.  Thankfully the reminder did not come with negative 20 degree temperatures.

Due to snow and relative cold, we’re going to be indoors for a bit this weekend, so here are some fun indoor DIY projects to make life a bit more steampunky.  And if you’re looking to read a steampunk book, here’s my (free) steampunk adventure tale: The Egress and The Jupiter Cult.

To the projects!

Airship Model
I friggin’ love the idea of airships.  There’s no limit to how they can be conceptualized, drawn, crafted or written about.  Here’s a project for taking a hobby store ship model and a couple of two liters, putting them together and making a piece all your own.  I like the little mantis on the blimp.  What would you put on your airship?

Steampunk Stroller
Denver Comic-Con is fast approaching, so it is time to be thinking of strollers.  My dad has a knack for this sort of thing, but I’m thinking the stroller below may be making an appearance.    We’ll put something over the sharp metal dryer vent, but otherwise it looks to be  super quick project. The stroller base is one of those types that comes free with the purchase of a stroller that actually works.  Umbrella stroller, I think is the name.  They are terrible and would be far more difficult to push around than a fifty pound Landstroller, but it’s cute. The blog is really cute too, click through for a full breakdown of the writer’s con cosplay.

Utility Belt
Any project that incorporates a Lego Octopus is going to be awesome.  The utility belt in the link is really neat and the project well written about.

Candle Holders…From Pipe
I memorized the movie Clue at a very young age.  Candlesticks hold a special place in my heart.  They can help out in the removal of the threat that is Mr. Body, stop zombies, act as a secret lever to open the hidden room behind the bookcase and even hold candles from time to time and light up a room.

This page has a wonderful step by step guide to putting together a really nice candle holder.

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe fitting candle holders tutorial | DIY Decor & Inspiration

Happy weekend everybody!


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