Pretzel Dogs 

 How did I celebrate the release of my steampunk book today? Pretzel dogs. It was awesome. 

Yesterday, I wrote of my trials in keeping my kitchen adventures within budget I regard to number of dishes used. I learned nothing from the post. In my defense, Pretzel Dogs. It’s hot dog and cheese stuffed inside a freshly baked pretzel. If that’s not worth a few extra dishes, I don’t know what is.

Funny sidebar time. I was a vegetarian for most of my college experience. For years I was very much not a fan of animal protein. But from time to time Food Network would dedicate entire Saturdays to Hit dig related programming and I, along with my roomies, would lose a day drooling over pretty pictures of tubed meat. Suffice to say, I like hot dogs for no reasonable reason.


Making the dough was oddly easy. It is a very basic dough; water, salt, sugar, flour, yeast and butter. Everything came together well in the mixer and it doubled in size in about forty minutes. The fun was in boiling the dough before baking it. The recipe called for boiling 14 cups of water and one cup of baking soda. I had never boiled water and baking soda together. It was awesome the baking soda fizzles as it dissolves making the pot sound like a mouth full of pop rocks. I thought the water boiled faster too, but I probably imagined that as I was still rolling the dough and dogs when it started.

A quick 30 seconds in the boiling baking soda water and then the pretzels were off to the oven.

I was happy to have Bat Baby helping me too. Kitchen helpers are always a nice addition to the cooking experience.   He made sure my path to the oven was clear.

The firstborn helped chopped veggies. A quick veggie tray was the original concept. Something a bit less “we’re having baked hot dogs swimming in cheddar cheese oils for dinner” and more…green. I ruined the plan by bulling out left over rotini from yesterday and a bottle of Ranch dressing. So close.

The firstborn getting quite good at the taste it while you go concept. He had four mini bell peppers before and enough mushroom and cucumber to kill a very small rabbit.

When he is next to me at the cutting board I take on the focus and concentration of a karate master. His little fingers and poor impulse control mean the guy with the knife cannot be slow to react.

Eventually, the egg wash browns and the oven has worked its magic. The beauties above come out and we ready plates and drinks. A great end to a great day. The kids ate, we laughed and we found out that homemade pretzels are crazy easy to make.

Good day.


Here’s the recipe I took the premise from

The blog is called the Crepes of Wrath.

Crepes of Wrath.



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