Instant Regret


I used every stove top burner, four mixing bowls, untold numbers of spatulas and wooden spoons, and even had the oven going while prepping dinner tonight. All for Tuna and Noodles. I am not looking forward to clean up.

I don’t know how this happens, but it seems every meal requires x times three number of dishes where x equals the proper number of dishes a good cook will use. My wife closes her eyes now when I am cooking. 

The firstborn loves the mess. He’ll grab a spoon and stir pots for me, grab four forks to taste test; generally be as excessive in silverware use as I am with pans.

Part of the mess is making two meals; one for those of us with teeth and another for the baby. Tonight he had barley and a slew of veggies with apple sauce. But that leaves 80% of the dishes unaccounted for. I have a problem. 

Dishes go by quick enough. My wife makes a really nice dishwasher soap from washing soda, borax and salt that is very effective. The hand washed items though…oy. I am very much looking forward to the kids being old enough to do that for me. 

Probably time to change some cooking habits though. Any one have a killer one pot recipe they want to share? Even a two pot would be an improvement. 


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