April Will Be Fun

Two bits of book news to kick off April.

Formatting is complete for my steampunk book.  The new title is:

The Egress and the Jupiter Cult

Just a few more steps to take before it goes live once more.  On the plus side, the publisher (me) won’t suddenly disappear this time around.  Here’s the cover.

The Egress and The Jupiter Cult ebook

The series name is changing as well.  Behold book one of the Alotine Sky series.  Soooo, spoiler alert? There are more books coming.  They’ll be wildly better written than the first one, but the first book is fun.

Ready for news bit two? Before Imposter Syndrome really kicks in, I am happy to announce the first collection of People on the Highway will be in ebook format by the end of the month.  Posts currently available here plus a bunch of never before seen tales will be put out in a small anthology.

PotH ebook

I am excited to get a small collection out there.  It’s equal parts curiosity of the process, and “eh, why not?”

I am really pleased with the new stories too.  I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Thank you, dear reader, for sticking with me and making this little adventure in writing a truly wonderful experience.


I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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