Saturday Gaming

Nothing to do? Bored crazy?  Is it raining outside?  No worries!

There’s a ridiculously fun fix.  For cheap.  Uber cheap (not that Uber though, I hear that gets pretty expensive)

I love telling stories.  If stories can be told while rolling dice or flipping cards with a group of friends, there can be nothing better.

Here are three awesome tools to get you up and running with fantasy RPG pretty much right away.

Start off with the game itself.
This is a gorgeous piece of made-at-home gaming that everyone should see.  Follow the link to find the free .pdf version, a number of starter characters and even a quick adventure.  Flip through the book on whatever .pdf device you prefer most and, after marveling at the love the creator poured into it, start formulating you steps.  And order a pizza.  Life it going to get crazy tonight.

Get some characters!
While graph paper and pencil gaming is fun, minis exist for a reason.  Minis are awesome.  This blog, Printable Heroes, is dedicated to making awesome art for your game.  Pretty much everything you need to add a little extra flavor to your game is right here.  Obscure monsters, powerful mages; click around and you’ll see tons of amazing stuff.

Not the most creative of characters to finish off the week, but I’d been wanting to create a character with a big “fuck off” axe for awhile and this guy fit the bill.Originally intended for him to be a no-nonsense Paladin but as I went along the axe became a bit too brutal and the leather accessories a bit too gladiatorial so I just decided to roll with it.

Make a Map

Dungeon battlers need a dungeon.  If you’re ready to move into your own adventures, this map making tool is crazy fun to work with.  If you do not have time to build a map of your own, there are some available for quick download as well.

Dungeon Painter is a free powerful encounter rpg map design tool.

Three tools to bring a game night to life.  You only a printer and someone to bring nachos.  Nachos make most every night better.  Nachos and pizza.  Go play a game.



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