Stagecoach Automata

Galloping horses, bumpy roads, a scenic view flying by in a flash; the Stagecoach has it all.  My dad made the piece in the video above.  The coach is complete with a driver and passengers that are looking out with expressions that just scream, “I think we’re heading for Eastwood Ravine!”

Probably his most elaborate work yet.  It is gorgeous to see the gear work moving perfectly in synch.  The chain at about the 28 second mark is made of wood too, pieced together by hand.  The horses, the coach, the driver, the wheels, the gears; every carved in his shop and put together for a one spot story machine.  Where is the coach heading? Who is aboard?  Do the horses need water?  Stories abound in the piece.

You can find his other videos (some bagel related) at his YouTube channel.  Or head over to his woodworking page right here. 

He’s just about my favorite artist.  I know you’ll like his work too.


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