Cave Painting: The Tile Game

Some days you just need a quick board game.  Here is my attempt to help scratch that itch, man.  I was reading about the cave at Lascaux, where all sorts of wonderful cave paintings exist.  The story these paintings tell is astonishing.  The paintings chronicle the existence of the people that lived in this place in such a stunning format.  From that article I wound up reading about The Cave of Beasts, where one section of the painting tells quite a tale of a hunting trip gone awry.  The original writings of our neolithic ancestors.  Incredibly neat stuff.

I got to thinking about the writers of the stories.  Victors write history, so how many other tales were left of the cave walls?  How many stories were left untold by lesser hunters?  Then I thought what if the painters were all collaboratively writting the story in some cave-man version of a writer’s room?  That amused me greatly.

So, gather up some friends and get to making your story.

In Cave Painting: The Tile Game, players assume the role of prehistoric hunters.  The time has come to jot down the tale of the great hunt and every one wants to be depicted as the greatest hunter of all.  Place your Hunter next to as many Antelope as possible, avoid being stepped on by mammoth and of course keep the Antelope away from the wildfire.

It’s time to play, Cave Painting.

Download the Free PDF right here: Cave Painting: The Tile Game

Take a look at the art from OpenClipArt.Org contributors after the bump.

Hand prints by kattekrab - I literally scanned my hand to create this silhouette, then used the potrace tool in inkscape to create vectors.  I chose earthy colours inspired from cave of hands rock art in Australia and Mexico.

Hunter Tokens by

Rock Art Saharan Antelope by SeriousTux - Neolithic cave paintings found in Tassil-n-Ajjer (Plateau of the Chasms) region of the Sahara manually traced from public domain image at</p><br /><br />
<p>Source: Library of Congress Country Study of Algeria

Antelope Token by

Wooly Mammoth by eady - I needed a more colorful version.

Mammoth by

flame by rejon



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