When the firstborn joined us, so did a collection of block straight from the Renaissance Fair.  Towers, temples, cathedrals and cubes were all included in this set.  My parents found it wandering the rows of shops at the Colorado RenFaire, and of all the toys that have come and gone through the years since firstborn was born these are one of the few items we’ve never considered donating.

That is simply because these are the coolest blocks.  I’ve written before that babies are the most wonderful, boring things on the planet.  When mornings starts early the parent has to find a method of staying awake.  The baby is running around the new world before them, excited about everything.  He looks up with wide eyes every so often as if to say, “OH MY gosh, have you ever seen one of these before?  This is awesome! I’m going to chew it.  No.  Spit on it.  It’s mine now.”  And all the parent can do is say, “ooo, you found a neat sock.”

This morning we pulled out blocks and I played a game.  The game was to see how many small structures I could set up before the baby played Godzilla.  I could have had more on the above shot, but then there would be no proof.  I snapped the photo and not two seconds later the wee one comes crawling over at warp speed. 




And the aftermath.   


His grin was enormous and we played again.
It was a good morning.


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