Steampunk Weekend DIY

I am quite tired of this week.  Sick kid, teething kid, weird weather; I am quite happy to say goodbye to the Monday through Friday portion of the week.  What I am excited for is a sunny Saturday full of garden box building and hanging out with the family.

Thank goodness Spring is here too.  The grass is green-ish, leaves are starting to adorn the trees.  Good stuff all around.  In the spirit of outdoor adventures, this week’s collection of steampunk themed DIY projects are meant to help all of us get a little more adventure in our day.


Potion Bottle Holder
Not just one potion bottle, not even two potions but a plan for four potions in one handy carry all.  This guide from Instructables is quite detailed and while not really a beginner’s project, it shows techniques that are very neat.

Picture of Leather Potion Bottle Holder

Dynamite Clock
Just looking at this makes me want to curly my mustache and head to a railroad.  You can hear the evil laugh flowing from the clock.  The key explosive device of the Victorian era combined with a clock.  I would add a metronome and paint distress the wood a bit, maybe paint it orange for unknown reasons.  The guide is just a quick paragraph on what the maker used and did, but the jist of things can be easily gleaned from the picture.  The blog has a few other shots from different viewpoints too.

Tick Tock Dynamite Clock

Cardboard Barrel Biplane
This is real and it is glorious.

Picture of Cardboard barrel biplane. The Flyin' Lion

Of course, there needs to be a fuel source for all these projects…

Copper Pipe Coffee Maker
I broke our coffee maker a while back.  It works, but we have to set a heavy object on the grinder for the mechanism to trigger properly.  I think I found the replacement.

And if you are looking for more steampunk adventure complete with potion bottles and biplanes, Davis and May is my airship themed serial found right here

Happy weekend everybody!


Comments welcome!

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