Stalwart Crest Part 10

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Chapter 10

The airlock on the Stalwart Crest hissed closed and Rafe walked off to his office without saying a word. Hudd and Myra watched him hurry away and could only wonder what was going to happen next for their captain.

“Do you have any idea what happened down there?” Hudd asked. It was his first opportunity to pry without Rafe overhearing.

“Donte mentioned something about Messier Fields and then Rafe said we were joining a revolt,” Myra could not believe the words coming from her mouth, “suffice to say I am terribly confused. Do you know what the Messier Fields are?”

“No idea,” Hudd was unaccustomed to being out of the loop.

Aki rounded the corner of the hallway.

“What in world happened down there?” She asked, picking up her speed to be nearer the other Crest crew.

“Messier Fields mean anything to you?” Hudd asked here. She squinted and shook her head.

“Then we have no idea what happened on the Platform,” Myra said. She tried to figure out how to find answers and arrived at what she thought was a brilliant solution. “Is the lab rat still here?”

Aki picked up on Myra’s idea and grinned, “Let’s go see her.”

The three walked to the makeshift holding cell Aki improvised.

“You three? Where is your Captain? Najinca? The captured spy asked. “I need to speak with your Captain.”

“Don’t worry,” Hudd say, opening the cell, “we’re on your side now apparently.”

“Could you help us figure out exactly what that means though?” Aki asked.

“It means we’re going to redefine the United Human Fleet’s governance together. The committee for terraforming is guided by a select few and they are bought and sold like candy. Entire systems are abandoned based on the whims and greased pockets. It needs to end, and Donte is the one leading the way,” the spy was passionate about her cause.

“Is that what the Messier Fields are all about?” Myra asked. “Rafe was on board with Donte at the mention of Messier Fields.”

“There’s an Argo Navis settlement in the area, but nothing really notable,” the spy replied.

The medical bay doors opened and the sound of Rafe’s heavy steps followed.

“Myra, one of Donte’s shuttles is coming to take Specialist Zwicky home. Please escort her to the shuttle bays,” Rafe commanded.

“Yes, sir,” Myra said without a second thought.

Myra and the spy left the room. As the door slid shut behind them she heard Aki gasp and Hudd ask a profane question of Rafe.

“You’re being isolated from the planning?” Specialist Zwicky asked Myra as they entered the corridor.

“No, I’m sure they’ll bring me up to speed once I get back,” Myra said. The doubt in her tone was unmistakable.

“I can tell you what they are going to speak about, if you want to know,” Zwicky said through a devilish smile.

Myra feigned disinterest, but knew her true feelings on the matter were easily deciphered by Donte’s spy.

“Well, I’ll tell you anyway,” the spy said, “my next assignment was on Platform 10.”

“What does the lake platform have that Donte needs?” Myra’s curiosity bested her.

“That lake is largest body of fresh water in the solar system. Once it is ready the fleet can send thousands more troops in a hundred directions, but only one spot matters. Can you guess where the fleet will send troops?”

Myra did not want to answer, but the word left her lips before she could think.


Zwicky nodded, “the one bit of the galaxy that still gives them trouble. It will take time and resources to do it, but that is why Earth is being put back together the way it is.”

“What were you to do at Platform 10?” Myra asked.

They had stopped just outside the docking bay door. Myra felt the air leave the room. The only sound in the entire orbital ship was that of her breath, in and out. She watched Zwicky’s cheeks rise as a terrifying, wry smile covered her face.

“I was going to blow it up.”


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