Communication is Important

I had a whole day just me and the boys. With the firstborn’s surgery yesterday, we kept him home and I thought having the baby around would be fun too. I learned the only thing more exhausting than sick kids or surgery days is healthy kids and nowhere to be.

I picked the wrong week to quit the quick caffeine goodness of soda. 

There’s one story from the day that has not left me. In the picture above you’ll see both halves of a ball the baby is put plastic shapes into and then push around for noisy fun. The halves are blue and yellow.

Someone must have told the firstborn about the recent #TheDress topic. It is ancient internet history at this point, so as a refresher a picture of a dress exposed the world to lies our vision plays on us. Much soul searching occurred and at the end of the day two llamas showed up. I was working, so some of my details are missing. Some people saw orange and white in the photographed dress, others saw black and blue.

My kid, just getting out of eye surgery, says to me, “Dad, hand me my wheel thingy with the orange all over it.”

What the heck are you talking about, son?

He was setting up a race car for a superhero game he was playing.  Can’t be a superhero without a super race car after all.  He was asking for a steering wheel to complete the project.

He asked me again, “hand me the thing with the orange all over it.”

I was seriously not getting it.

He asked again, more urgently this time, “the thing with the orange all over it, dad.”

“Could you show me, buddy?” I asked.

He stomps off his chair and walks to the, at the time, assembled shape ball.  He picks it up and says, “oh, here it is,” and goes about his play.

I questioned everything I knew.  Was the yellow actually orange?  Did the surgery cross some wires that obviously don’t exist, but I really need to make sense of what is happening with this dang orange question?  Was the kid playing a joke?  If that was the case it would have been amazingly well crafted.

Turns out I was just being really unobservant and we were both too tired to find new words to work our way out of the communication disaster.  One of the plastic shapes, the shapes that tumble around “all over” inside the ball when in use, like when the baby is pushing it around, was orange.

He drove his race car and saved the day.  I had more coffee.



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