Steampunk Weekend DIY

This weekend I’m going to play a little game called “get something accomplished before binging on House of Cards.”  Its a motivator that works!

If you too are looking to accomplish something creative, here are some fun Steampunky DIY projects.

Mousetrap Message Clips
We have chalkboard paint on a door to pass notes to one another and keep lists.  The one thing missing from this method of passing notes? The mild threat of breaking a finger.  This blog is amazing and the message clips are adorably steampunky.

Make Paper Look Old

I would love to run a DnD campaign with props one day and using old paper to relay messages via cool scrolls would be amazing.

Octopus Wall Art
If only…

guilana rancic octopus

What Has 8 Arms and 3 Frames? How To Make a DIY Octopus Triptych

PVC Saxophone
Brass this thing up, throw a gauge on it and let the kiddo go crazy; steampunk marching band style.

How to Make a PVC Trombone

Clock Face Clip Art
These don’t have a specific DIY project attached to it, but they look neat. And check out the site, lots of images for use.
Vintage Clip Art - Scrap Clock Faces - Steampunk - The Graphics Fairy

Happy weekend everybody.


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