Adventures in Book Formatting

I’m making slow progress formatting my steampunk book.  Learning much about the formatting process.  Learning more about my over use of adverbs.  When this thing is (re)released we’re playing a drinking game, take a shot for every “quickly” that is in this book.  Sheesh.  I really hope my writing is better now.

I’m distracting myself by planning the new cover.  Which is daunting.  Having no design ability I’ve been scouring the web for tips and tricks and nifty tools to help the process.

Here are some very neat sites I’ve been spending time on lately.

Canva is a simple design tool.  Most of the images available for free look like infographic objects, so I’ll probably use it to make sarcastic parenting guides in the future.  The possibilities are endless.

TypeGenius has more fonts than I ever thought possible.  There are fonts beyond Times New Roman and Courier.  I had no idea.

Coffitivity is hilarious.  When you want to feel super pretentious while working on stuff, click here and you’re transported to a coffee shop.

I thought in the spirit of the book’s setting, a 19th century style book cover would be neat.  Well, they are neat.  And difficult to replicate. Check out these covers for a really awesome list (with pictures) of covers from the era.


It’s fun stuff.  Lots to do, but work is fun.  If you have any tips or tricks on book covers or formatting, I would love to hear it.



Comments welcome!

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