Thwampa, the new game from Firstborn, is already a massive hit with fans of chewable sporting equipment.

The rules are evolving and maturing with each run, but right now I think they are as follows:

Toss a stuffed animal in the air, hit it with the Thwampa racket, shout Thwampa as loud as possible and repeat.  After each “Thwampa!” run around faster.

Sometimes there needs to be an empty bucket.  The player can decide at will if the bucket should be knocked over by a flying stuffed animal or if the bucket will be a basketball style hoop.  Nine times out of ten, the bucket will be knocked over.  It is just much more amusing that way.  And louder.

Every sixth flying stuffed animal must be aimed at another player.  Go for the gut. Giggle.  Shout Thwampa.

The flying elephant is always worth using twice, so long as it flies into someone.  Loudly.



The gear of champions. And a stuffed cat.



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