This was the one weekend that would have been really inconvenient to have a city stopping snow storm, so of course that is exactly what happened.

Plans are funny. To celebrate the firstborn’s birthday, the wife and I thought a party of family and family by choice would be nice. Ordered a cake, scheduled catering and sent evites out. We were on top of this for once. Failed to check the weather forecast though. Snow. Lots. Ice. Even more. No one was traveling. Especially for store brand cake.

The day turned out very nice.  The birthday boy had a diet comprising ice cream and guacamole, got to spend tons of time with my brother (aka, his favorite person) and devoured his red Spider-Man cake.  As far as Plan Bs go, I could not have asked for better results.

We’re working on explaining what planning is with the firstborn.  Starting small with explaining schedules, like Monday is a school day and working into events that will occur a week or so ahead of time.  Big things we’re not discussing still because he gets over-the-top excited.  One of the things I’m not sure how to explain is why backup plans exist.

The plans we remember are those that crumble apart.  My 21 credit hour semester Junior year of college was hit by cancer.  The firstborn’s eye issues changed some parenting plans.  I went to graduate school to better my career advancement at a company that shuttered during the reception.  The important take away is adapting.  Plans change and we have to take what was in place and make it work for the new reality of the situation.  Sometimes that means getting to know eye specialists really well and sometimes that means freezing extra black beans.  I want to teach the kids that, like with improve, when things runs off script just say yes and run with it.

As we heard in the five viewings of the movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman, life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.  Today the plan did not include five viewings of Mr. Peabody and Sherman, but that movie made life pretty good for a snowy day.


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