The Gear: A Steampunk Superhero Part 5

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The Gear
Part 5
The Bank Job



Edwin rode to the center of the park, his park, atop a spotted brown horse. He did not remember if he found the horse or borrowed it, but he got a horse.

Eula stepped out of the darkness of the trees. Edwin spooked. The horse remained majestic, apparently acknowledging the sudden appearance of a masked figure, but not deeming it worthy of his notice.

“You are one easy going, horse,” Edwin said, stroking its mane.

He wondered if by some chance the horse had found him that day. The horse started walking toward Eula.

“You are one amazing horse. One day they’ll make radio-shows about you,” Edwin said, unsure he was to be scared or impressed by the creature.

Eula climbed on top of the horse.

“Good boy, Cerdo Fuego, good boy,” she said, patting the horse’s side.

“You know this wonderful beast?” Edwin asked.

“He’s part of my association. Told him to find you at the apartment. A horse found you and you found a horse,” Eula said with a smile.

“Cerdo Fuego, you are my favorite creature on this planet,” Edwin admitted.

As he pondered the brilliance of the horse, he remembered a gift his roommates had put together for Eula.

“Oh, I have something for you. August and Emmett made you some stuff to help out in our stalking of the Duke.” He reached into the saddle bag and pulled out some of his roommates’ newest inventions.

“Goggles like yours,” Eula said as she grabbed her new set of brass goggles from Edwin’s hands. “These are great.”

“And here’s one that Emmett described as, ‘a mystery in an enigma in a riddle,’ before cackling maniacally,” Edwin said as he pulled a mallet from the saddle bag.

“He said this mallet was brought into the repair shop he and August work at by a breathless man in a cowl. He ran in, dropped the mallet on the counter, said, ‘I was never here,’ and ran back out. It took them a week to find out it did this,” Edwin said.

He raised the mallet and pressed a button hidden on the gleaming brass handle. When he pressed it, the mallet’s head split in two.

“Why does it do that?” Eula asked.

“Oh just wait,” Edwin told her.

By the head of the mallet a red trigger begged to be pulled. As Edwin pulled the trigger, the right side of the now split mallet head, a flint was struck. As the flint sparked, the left side of the mallet let out a thick gas. At the same time as the gas and flint activated, the handle of the mallet made a whirring sound and a jet of wind shot out.

“It just shot a fireball into the sky!” Eula could barely contain her excitement.

“Is that not the greatest thing?” Edwin said.

Cerdo Fuego was unimpressed.

“I really, really hope we get to fight someone tonight. Can you imagine how rapidly they will run when a fireball is heading toward them?”

Eula was worrying Edwin now.

“We should get going to the Gammon district,” Edwin said.

Cerdo Fuego tapped his foot on the ground.

“The horse agrees,” Eula said.

They trotted into the evening, Edwin taking the reins, Eula sitting behind him. Cerdo Fuego was an enormous horse and the two humans on his back nearly had to shout to hear each other at the distance they sat apart.

When the apartment complexes were cleared and Edwin’s Tanner District apartment was far behind them, the horse took off into a full run.

The ride that would have taken half an hour on any other creature was complete in ten minutes. Edwin was sure he had taken train rides that did not move that fast.

“Well done, Cerdo Fuego,” Eula said as she hopped off the horse.

The horse whinnied and galloped away.

“My gyro-copter was still in the saddle bag,” Edwin said.

“At least you won’t have to fly tonight. I can just blast bad guys with fireballs now,” Eula grinned.

“The bank is just a few blocks away,” she said as the grin faded and she returned to the moment.

When they rounded one final corner, the bank came into view.

“There are people heading into the bank,” Edwin said as if Eula could not see the same event he was viewing.

“They are all dressed alike,” Eula pointed out.

“Brown capes and a black hoods?” Edwin knew little of fashion, but imagined this was against some rule.

“You ready to follow them in?” Eula started creeping toward the bank.

“Let’s make a deposit of justice,” Edwin said, smashing fist into palm.

“Don’t,” Eula said.

The two walked to the bank making sure to remain in the shadows, well hidden from any of the robed people heading inside. Eula tapped Edwin’s shoulder and guided the both to an alley behind the bank. As they drew nearer to the building, they heard chanting.

A basement window spilled light into the alley. As Eula and Edwin stepped closer, the light flickered green and red in rapid order.

“What is going on down there?” Eula asked.

Edwin looked into the basement. His eyes widened, his jaw dropped. He motioned to Eula to come to the window.

“You are not going to believe this,” he said.


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