Steampunk Weekend DIY

There’s an abundance of octopus hats this week.  That’s the only intro I can think of.

So if you were looking for a tentacle related project, read on!

There are some other cool things too.  Somehow I got wrapped up in steampunk octopus stuff and things spiraled out of control form there.  I google’d aardvarks for goodness sake.  The internet, man.  The internet…


Papier-Mache Octopus Hat
I’ve heard steampunk described as “when goths discovered brown”.  Apt.
Aquatic steampunk in the vein of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is incredibly interesting to me.  I hate being in water, but reading about submersible voyages is always a good time.  This link will take you to a bunch of photos of how a papier-mache hat can come together. The site is in Russian, so have Google Translate at the ready.

Поделка изделие Папье-маше Роспись Шляпка на конкурс мой победитель   Бумага Гуашь Карандаш Клей Нитки Пуговицы Скотч фото 7

Beginner Leather Working with a Steampunk Focus
I was a vegetarian for some time and still have mixed feelings about wearing leather.  One Christmas a dear, dear friend got me a pair of leather gloves purchased at Walmart and thought it was hilarious (because it was and is, still have the gloves too, I learned to not be as big a pretentious expletive after that).  So leather lasts forever and is good for pretty much anything.  It’s an ethical debate I’m not ready to handle.  For those that have made up their minds, here’s a really detailed guide on leather working for steampunk purposes.

Incredible Bottle Transformation
Halloween is never too far away to be thinking of decor.  Click this link.  See how take a bottle and transform it into the picture below.  The site is also in Swedish with English underneath.  It’s like a Rosetta Stone of Swedish and English.  It is awesome.

Knitted Octopus Hats
There are nine patterns in both kid and adult styles.  Wear an octopus on your head. They are one step away from being Zoidberg hats.  Someone make a Zoidberg hat.

crochet octopus hat


2 thoughts on “Steampunk Weekend DIY

  1. When I was at Weekend at the Asylum this fall I went to a great maker session, and the speaker had what he called “the octopith”. He took a pith helmet and created an octopus body and used some of those sorta cheap. old timey toy wooden snakes for the tentacles, so they were super easy to pose and looked great once they were painted.


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