Davis and May Part Nine: Cliffs

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Davis and May
Part 9

May let loose the dock tie and November’s March took flight.  She hustled back to the helm, darting around Cooper who was busy explaining the mission to his equally enormous siblings, Horace and Vera.  Davis was ensuring the rigging work on the zeppelin was and just noticed May’s quick kiss on his cheek as she ran by him.

May was eager to begin their treasure hunt.  A week had gone by since the pirates under the leadership of Jonath Redd had been removed from the island.  A week of organizing, plotting and prepping for their quest was just too much time to spend in one place and she was eager to say goodbye to Port Darington once and for all.

The town’s sheriff made good on his word to give them free travel through the port and went a step beyond by giving them some much needed supplies for the coming adventure.

Just before they left port, Sheriff Smith leaned to Davis and said,”When you get back, well, first round is on you.”  Davis smiled and nodded his agreement to the plan.  May hugged the Sheriff before leaving and carried aboard a satchel of goods that was meant to be opened “if things got rough” according to the sheriff.

May reveled in the joy and anticipation that came along with the start of a journey.  She could not stop smiling, could not stop wondering what was ahead of them.  She knew they would have to fly through the sheer cliffs of Clonna, a perilous journey any day of the week.  The cliffs stretched for miles.  There was no beach at their base, just the never ending clash of wave after wave against the stone walls.  There was a canyon carved through the cliffs that provided fast passage for any boat or airship foolish enough to venture through it, and the crew of November’s March would never be taken for smart thinkers.  The planned route took the airship right through the canyon and to a small trading post nestled in the canyon’s walls.  There they would check for local lore about a hidden cove, trade goods and be on their way.

May hoped the plan would work out that well.

“Dear, how are things at the helm?” Davis said.

May snapped out of herself day dreaming and blinked herself back to reality.

“Darling, hello, I was miles away.  Calm winds and no traffic.  It is a good day to fly,” she smiled at Davis.

“Good to hear it,” Davis said.

An uproar of laughter from the Woolf crew boomed like thunder.

“Our new shipmates appear to be enjoying themselves,” May said.

“Oh, I think the barrel of mead is helping their spirits,” Davis said pointing to the barrel hidden within the circle of towering Woolf siblings.

“That is a big barrel,” May said.

Davis nodded, “I hope they make it last until Villa Clonna.”

“Have you ever been to Villa Clonna?” May asked.  She hoped they would have some knowledge of where they were heading.

“To the best of my knowledge, no,” Davis replied.

May nodded and motioned that she wanted to focus on flying.  Davis stepped away and joined the Woolf crew at the mead barrel.

November’s March flew to the horizon, chasing the sun as they day waned on.  The air was calm and the sky was clear.  May stood at the helm for hours, stepping away from the wheel every so often to look over the rails of the airship.  This part of the sea they were flying over was home to a number of whale pods.  She looked every where, but today was not her lucky day to see the majestic creatures.

Before long the Cliffs of Clonna came into view.

Vera, tall and boisterous, was first to notice the blackened cliffs appear in the distance.

“They’re nearing,” she said, her voice booming through the ship.

Horace, who was basically a beardless version of his brother Cooper, congratulated his sister’s observation, “Well done, Vera.  You looked in a direction.”

Cooper laughed.

“Anyone see smoke rising from the canyon?” Davis asked.

Cooper shook his head.

“Good, we’re off to a better start than our last adventure.”

May ran back to the helm.  The cliffs grew larger and larger, more and more intimidating.  She noticed two spires, rising from the top of the canyon’s entrance.  Spires were not mentioned on any of the maps of the canyon.

“Can anyone identify the spires?” May asked.

Davis pulled a telescope from his belt and looked at the rock outcrops that had the spires rising from them.

“Dear, please slow the March.  We’re about to boarded,” Davis said, pocketing his telescope.

May looked into the distance and saw an image that becoming all too familiar.  Coming straight at November’s March were two biplanes that did not appear too friendly.

“To the cannons everybody,” May said as she spun the helm position her airship for battle.

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