The Almost Amplifier


We have an abundance of empty formula boxes about the house. The baby just devours the stuff. While they can be recycled easy enough, the hope is to find practical uses for the heavy plastic containers before sending them off to be turned into new carpet.

I thought I had a brilliant idea for one such box. I was wrong. One of these boxes cannot easily be converted to an amplifier for a phone.

The firstborn loves drawing and if he gets to use the big markers we have set aside, he cannot be stopped. He will color and scribble until he falls asleep where he stands like an ignored Sims character.

I set him on coloring the box that will adorn my desk. I thought it would be a fun way to have something of his nearby for when work just stinks. Yes, I work at home but my office is so very much a “work space” it feels like I’m not at home. Being able to see something so distinctly created by him would be nice every so often. And if loud punk rock could be pulsing from the scribbles, that would be even better.

So he made some art for me.


I’m pretty sure his mom helped with the little Tardis on there.

I am very happy with the art, but I have to warn against using formula boxes for anything other than holding stuff.

My plan was to cut a hole or two in the sides for sound and make a cradle on the lid to hold the phone in place. The side holes cut just fine. The lid is a heavier plastic though and shattered as I dug a knife into it. I was not expecting that to happen, slipped, ripped the lid off its hinges and reconfigured the end goal.

Now there’s a lidless box on my desk with a hole in one side. It still amplifies quite nicely, but it is tipped on its side and I can’t change the song if needed. But I have a really cute colored box near my desk now, so that counts for something.

I’m thinking the next attempt comes from one of the empty plastic coffee containers we have lying around. Nothing could go wrong with cutting into a round object.


I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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