The Baby Likes Kale


A letter to my second son. We’ll read it together one day.

I want to explain the whole kale thing. It was 2015 and kale was all the rage. Your mother and I read way too many trendy food blogs and this plant was just everywhere. It was a “superfood” full of vitamins and nutrients that everyone just adored.

The thing none if us fans-o-food in 2015 wanted to admit was the undeniable truth that kale is pretty gross. It wants to be lettuce, chard, spinach and the bottom of a shoe all at once.

That is not what you want from your food, but everyone went along with it. And on February 9, 2015 you had your first bit of kale. It was boiled alongside some potato and green beans. It tasted ok and you basically had a quick potato soup. You loved the mix and nearly ate the entire batch. A baby eating an entire potato in one sitting is a bit intense to watch.

I will do my best to help you avoid kale outside of a well blended potato soup situation. Your mom enjoys kale chips from time to time. We don’t judge this preference of hers, but she knows. She knows.

Following your kale experience you gave us little cues that the shoe bottom leaf was not really that filling. You quite literally chased down a bowl of popcorn your brother and mother were sharing (but I wound up eating). At one point you moved faster than your mother, crawled over her leg and attempted to jump into the popcorn bowl. You were dedicated to getting that kale taste out of your toothless mouth. I admired the dedication.

Son, I want you to know that we tried to expose you to as many new foods and flavors as possible in your initial experiences with solids. Sometimes we tries things because they were funny, like blueberries that made you look like a vampire at a kill. Sometimes the food was just to see what happened, like kale. To my surprise, you seriously liked it an in pretty sure that means it will be a staple going forward. If that turned out to be what happened, we’re going to have a different conversation right about now.


I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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