Seed Surprise


They live! Despite my best attempt at forcing the seeds to battle gravity, wee little sprouts are emerging from the starter pallet.

It is extra exciting not knowing what the sprouts will eventually become. The tumble the pallet took was quite spectacular. Here we are just a few weeks in and there is hope. The second pallet, the replacement one, is not yet sprouting but that is moments away I’m sure.

The firstborn spotted the sprouts first and was over the moon stoked about his discovery. He showed his mom first and after the sprouts were confirmed he ran to find me and share the excitement. The jubilance of a four year old is amazing.

I want there to be some deeper meaning to whole thing. Seeds overcoming displacement that was basically a seed sized apocalypse is pretty neat. They overcame tremendous odds to spring forth and start that wondrous journey to one day being part of my salad. The only deeper meaning I can think of is the ol’ Jurassic Park quite “life, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh finds a way.”

So good work, Life, you found a way to keep these seeds going and getting my kid excited about gardening.

*While the picture above does not actually show the sprouts very well, I really liked how it turned out. The shot was through the green house’s plastic cover and it turned out surreal in all the best ways. Phone photo phun!


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