Davis and May Part 8: Free Fall

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Davis and May
Part 8
Free Fall

“So that’s how these things open,” May said admiring Davis’ handy work with the fall-safes.  The chute above her head looked like an over sized parasol, gently guiding the three heavily armed adventures to an island full of pirates out for their blood.

Cooper was admiring the precision in May’s drop of the small patrol craft.  He watched the wooden box they had been flying in fall into the volcano cone masking the island’s exhaust port.  Without a fancy parasol to slow its decent, the craft slammed into the port.  The following fireball brought a tear to Cooper’s eye.  He was having a wonderful day.

Davis was plotting how to best land in the mess of palm trees without breaking an arm.

The engine was ripping itself apart as parts of the patrolman’s airship made their way through the exhaust port.  Tiny explosions dotted the surface and pirates began abandoning their posts running to their biplanes to start their escape.

“We may not have much to do when we land,” Cooper said.

“We don’t have an escape plan,” Davis said realizing he was a little behind himself in the planning of this operation.

“We take their airships, problem solved,” May said.

The ground was getting closer as the flak cannons stopped thundering.

“Everyone ready?”  Cooper asked, readying his blade-pistol.

Palm leaves brushed against legs and slapped faces as they trio made their landing.

“Cut ’em off,” Davis shouted as he ripped the blade-rifle through the straps of the fall-safe.  The wind, absent until this very moment, took hold of the chute and dragged it away.

May cut herself free and ran toward the last spot she saw a pirate.

“Let’s just try to keep up, eh?” Cooper said.

“Agreed,” Davis ran to follow May.

The lush forest soon filled with the sound of round after round of pistol fire and screaming pirates.  “My foot!” and “She’s a ghost!” were common phrases that could be heard between firing.

Cooper, running side by side with Davis, could only feel sorry for the pirates.

“They never stood a chance,” Cooper said as they reached a clearing.

The field was full of hobbling pirates, slowly making their way to the remaining airships on the exploding floating island.

“We really did not need to be here,” Davis said.

“You missed it all,” May said emerging from the tree line.  She reloaded her pistol and stepped to the duo.

“We have to find Jonath,” Davis said.

“If I were a pirate captain I’d spend my time right there,” Cooper pointed to a the volcano.  Right above a giant hangar bay carved into the mountain was a window that wrapped nearly around the entire side of the mountain.  The glass was shattered and smoke billowed from the remnants of the room.

“Do you think it looked so ominous before we blew up the engine?” May pondered.

“I like to think so, yes,” Cooper agreed.

“Let’s get up there,” Davis said.

The three made their way to the volcano, but needed not go far before Davis recognized an old enemy.  A pirate shuffled out of the volcano, covered in soot and a slight smoke plume rose from his shoulder.

“Hi, Jonath,” Davis said.

“I recognize you,” the pirate lord coughed.  He was hunched over, missing most of his hair and clutched his tri-corner hat in his right hand.  “I assume this is all your fault?”

“It is.  You shouldn’t have come to the islands, pirate,” Davis said.

“I should end you for what you’ve done here today,” Jonath said.  His voice was growing quieter.

“Don’t push your luck, Jonath,” May threatened.

Jonath swung his arm and reached for a pistol holstered on his belt.  “I’ll kill the lot of,” he started.  As he attempted to draw the weapon his eyes closed and he fell to the ground.

“I think he’s done,” May said.

Cooper felt something hit his head.  “Look everyone, our escape plan,” he pointed up.  Sheriff Ford had brought November’s March to the island and lowered the rope ladder.  May was pretty sure she saw a smile on the Sheriff’s face at the sight of the ladder slamming into Cooper.

The three climbed the ladder and flew off to safety.  The pirates that had made their way off the island were being chased down by patrol craft and slowly being rounded up.

Davis, May, Cooper and the Sheriff took a moment to look over the side of the airship and watch the flaming, exploding, mechanized island crash into the sea below.

“Well that’s something,” the Sheriff said.  “I hate pirates.  I owe you three a thank you.  You’ve held your end of the bargain.  You may come and go as you please in Port Darington.  What are you to next?”

“We still have a treasure to find.  Cooper you coming with?” May asked.

“Of course.  I can’t let you clear out another pirate island by yourself.”

“Well, let’s get treasure hunting.” Davis said.

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