Preseason Garden Fail


Notice in the photo above the oddly uneven distribution of the dirt? The empty cups adjacent to obviously overflowing cups? Guess who dropped the pallet.

We bought a cheap little greenhouse to store our seeds in during the day so they could get plenty of sun. It was something we were planning on building, but at $40 and easy set-up we went the fast route.

The wind knocked it over in the night. I reset it in the morning and so started a series of poor decisions. My wife put the seeds on one of the shelves and we went off to do our morning routines.

When I returned from dropping the kids off at daycare I thought to myself, “the greenhouse should be over there and needs weights on the bottom shelf”.

Turns out moving the unit was beyond my skill. I shifted one corner and the shelves, not attached to any part of the unit but rather just resting on cleats, tumbled downward.

The neighbor dogs heard a very loud series of curse words.

My wife, always incredibly understanding when (not if) I break something, was very kind and replanted the lot this evening. So we’re on garden starter round two: the gardeninging.

Lesson learned though. We’ll build our own greenhouse. Cheap is nice, but solid is better.


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