Super Potter Marathon

Today’s agenda was fairly common fare for a Sunday; laundry, dishes, house cleaning and an all day Harry Potter movie marathon. Super Sunday indeed.

We had nowhere to be, nothing really pressing to do and just enough snow outside to say, “we’re staying in!” The snow stopped shortly after making this statement, but backing down would show weakness (this sentence brought to you by Fox News it seems).

Apparently we missed quite a football game, but our day was full of the firstborn running around on a straw-broom and chasing the “snitch”, which  was a small stuffed hippo that had a particularly nice flight ability when thrown across the room.  That beats a game any day.

We made it through the first four Harry Potter films, which are really the only ones that come close to being “age appropriate” for a four year old.  When it comes to the geeky parent debate of what is better for a kid, Star Wars (Original Trilogy) or Harry Potter, we have to give the nod to Harry Potter.  A story of friendship, courage and choosing what is right over what is easy is something I want poured into my kids’ brains over and over again.  I could go for Harry Potter occasionally listening to an adult though, “don’t wander the halls at night, there are sentient specters about” seems like an easy rule to follow.



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