Steampunk Weekend DIY

I was reminded yesterday of the downside of working from home while being married to a teacher and having two kids that spend their time around kids all day long.  While I have no interaction with other people, they are exposed to every germ in the world and when those germs come home I am knocked down.  So this weekend I am looking forward to sitting on a couch and taking DayQuil every four to six hours.

For those that are mobile, here are some wicked cool steampunky projects.

Test Tube Spice Rack
Quite simply, this is amazing.  I don’t know how well a test tube can evenly distribute spices if you opt to just shake oregano right into the dish, but I really don’t care.  This is awesome and every kitchen needs it.

Picture of Test Tube Spice Rack

Wristwatch with an Iris
It’s like a Stargate on your wrist!  And it tells time.

Picture of Steampunk wristwatch with mechanical iris cover.

Steampunk .mp3 Player Box Thing
Sometimes it is enough to just be pretty.  Not a life lesson I want my kids to learn, but in the case of this “Victorian MP3 Player” it sure is pretty if impractical.

Picture of The Steampunkers Pocket Machine - or a victorian MP3 Player

A Top Hat
At dinner on Wednesday the firstborn stood up on the bench and surveyed the land.  He scanned over my head and said, “Dad, you have an egg in your hair!”  He was talking of my ever expanding bald spot at the middle of the top of my head.  It hurt a bit.  So I’m thinking of getting into hats.  While I don’t think a top hat would be everyday wear, it sure would be fun.

Happy weekend everybody!


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