Redoing Game Night

Last night my brother joined us to spend time with the kids and hang out with two adults very sleep deprived and wrangling two kids going through growth spurts.  They are displeased and hungry all the time.  At least we know the issue, it is easy to fix issues when we know the remedy.

On these Wednesday night visits we used to pull out card games, or do a Dungeons and Dragon encounter or two and laugh until well into the night.  Life is wonderfully different with two kids around.  Now, after the newborn goes to sleep around seven with his brother following about half an hour later my wife and I are pretty well drained.

Last night we talked about pulling out Dominion or Race for the Galaxy, decided set up was quite a “uuuuuggggghhhh” activity (direct quote).  We thought about video games. We’re slowly working our way through Lego Marvel and love that game, but again it was puzzle solving and button mashing.  I said, “meh” and we moved on.

Then we realized we had the incredibly addictive and all to fun Trivia Crack right in our pockets.  We don’t like to just sit around and stare at our phones, but it was a low impact game all three of us could play (through different games) and race to see who could win in the fewest rounds.

We used to play Trivial Pursuit growing up.  It was a late 80s, early 90s version and well before my time but it taught my brother and I how to find the real question in a question.  A skill quite needed as we went into the age of standardized testing.  Trivia games are “my jam” as the kids might say, I have no idea really.  So Trivia Crack is a really nice way to hang out, do an activity when your eyes will just barely open after a long day.  As soon as the kiddos are ready we’re picking up a modern trivia game and playing that stuff around the dinner table.

Fatigue aside, it was a good night.  We put on a Patton Oswalt special in the background and raced through a few games before basically falling asleep mid round.

When things settle, namely the newborn sleeps through the night, we’ll head back to DnD’s glorious level up process and dragon smashing.  Or raise our fields in Agricola, or claim Dominion over the land.  And eventually game night will include the kids.  Oh my goodness, that day cannot come fast enough.


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