Dad, can you change the music?

I get a bit snobby about my music. Tonight I found out that trait passes on to the offspring. From the back seat of the car a tiny voice made the best request I have ever heard, “dad, can you change the music?”

The other day I was talking with my wife about this very blog. I try to write something new every day, helps build readership and with luck folks will check out my books (please, don’t buy my steampunk book, there will be more on that later). The problem with writing every day is that quite often posts just are not very good. I told my wife my fear with frequent posting is becoming “the U2 of blogging”. To have a huge catalog of utter garbage with like one thing worth taking in. I’m not a U2 fan.

I am an iPhone owner however. That means I got a free U2 album installed to my music library as a “gift” or some “we did you a favor” marketing term. I haven’t taken it off my phone yet. When my kid is rocking out to Yo Gabba Gabba’s greatest hits on our drives around town, some times a half hearted “we’ve redefined what it means to sell out” new tune from U2 totally breaks the flow.

On our ride home, following the ever popular “Friends can make you smile” from El Mariachi Bronx, the unthinkable happened. U2 outta nowhere! The firstborn, in what was perhaps the most disappointed and disbelieving tone I have ever heard him use gives a quick sigh and asks for the music to be changed.

I want to show him that good driving habits are important and really want to avoid another car crash, so I don’t touch the phone which is attached to an Aux line pumping tunes into the car. He asks again a few seconds later, this time emphasizing “please”. I am laughing far too hard at this point and starts to take it personally.

I reassure him that he’s doing everything right, but we have to be safe. Thankfully the song ended and “Pool Party” from the Aquabats cured the problem.

The issue now is that I kind of want to leave the U2 stuff on the phone just to hear the kid’s frustrated sigh again. Maybe I should just sort everything into a playlist so the option remains open. The album has been on the phone for months now and I haven’t done anything about it, so action is still a ways off. At least I know the kid is developing a music taste that will suit our household.


I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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