Proud Dad Moment


This morning we pulled out a set of magnetic toy vehicle bits the firstborn received as a gift. Little bits of car bodies, plane chassis, propellers and cabins to make whatever transport one can imagine. It is really quite neat.

My wife picked up a set of wheels and said, “cool. Steampunk wheels.”

The firstborn’s eyes lit up. “Steampunk wheels?!” He did not use his inside voice.

“Mom, can I have those, please?” He asked. It’s not really a question as he was already reaching for them, but he’s on the right track with his manners. She handed over the wheel set.

He grabbed a few pieces clicked the together and shouted again, “dad! Steampunk car!”

Sure enough. Bubble top, model T fenders, spoke wheels and a bin for no apparent reason.

It was a proud moment.


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