Steampunk Weekend DIY

This weekend I’m taking part in the construction of a new dining room table/bench combo thingy.  Unfortunately, it will not be steampunk themed.  However, I’m hoping to convince the family to put some of the light bulb hot air balloons above the table.  Simple and neat.  But glass hanging above the heads of a three year old and a three month old… maybe in a few years.

Enjoy the array of projects below:

Steampunk Flashlight

Hot Air Balloon Bulbs

Hot Air Balloon Bulbs

There aren’t really any instructions for this one other than the pictures.  The sand pit to hold the bulbs is a stroke of genius and it looks like a fabric marker? Maybe some sort of uber fine paintbrush?  I don’t draw so that side of the project is far, far beyond me.  I imagine glue lines and a glitter drop would work too.

Simple Pipe Shelf

DIY Decor: Steampunk Shelf

My wife made a really cool candle holder out of pipes.  Lighting the candles is the only way we can get our three year old to site at the table these days.

Steampunk Kaleidoscope

Picture of The Finish

I thought this would be a fun one for the kiddos.

And there are plenty more projects ahead; click here for all Steampunk Weekend DIY posts


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